BlackPearlsPol Chinchilla - Polish Black Pearls

Breeder: Elzbieta and Thomasz Kucharczak from Poland

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BlackPearlsPol Chinchilla - Polish Black Pearls

At BVC Show - 31st of January 2015 - I was able to see this new Mutation on my own. Also I was able to have an Interview with the founder of this Mutation. I want to thank them for being so kind and answer all my Questions!

Black Pearl Chinchilla

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Top fur / veiling coverage - inside the fur the hair is dark gray, top of the hair is black. Top coat is black + sides have more or less gray bar within the hair.
Belly: inside fur gray, hair top is white.
Tail hair is black, mixed with white hair.

Tail of a Black Pearl

White hair under the ears.


The animals I was able to have a look on - I saw the same quality issues like we already know from the other colors. I saw realy good ones, silky, top white belly, good border from top color to belly part and good clarity of the color. But also some red shining, some with curl/crown, a lot of them have had white spots / white hairs in the face, as well as at the back side.

white hair in the face

At some of them the demarcation / border of top color to the belly is not clearly and I also saw a lot with gray shining belly (maybe result of DK-Standard lines?).

Belly / Top border

Also I think that the animals are little small. I think this caused of the animals which have been used for breed them - samme affect as with other colors too.


The breeder told me, that they have been born from Standard in their breeding in 2008. They do not have Black Velvets within their breeding. They took the Black Pearls (~ 5 animals) and breed them with Standard from different blood lines. She said, they became darker and darker, some have the bar at the side fur part, some other are black colored till belly. Today 70 - 75% of their breeding animals are Black Pearls.


The breeder told me: They have used only Standard to breed them. If they have combined BP with BP, they got 100% BP. If they have combined BP with Standard, they got Standard only. But if they took this Standard and put it back to BP, they got some BP and some Standard. Als well as if they combined Standard from BP x Standard from BP.
Consequently, it seems to be that this is a rezessive Mutation.

Purchase of animals

The animals were sold as couble or breeding group. This makes sense, in case of it is a recessive mutation. I do not know, if also other breeders from Poland have breed this mutation so far - but some other breeders already offer them for buying. At BVC Show some breeding groups have been bought from several breeders from Europe.
It seems to be that the price increases already. It was possible to buy a couble for 800 in the past (male 500, female 300), but now the price increased to 1000 Euro (31.01.2015). To buy bigger groups can reduce the total price.


Who ever is interested to buy this animals can contact the breeders directly.

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